Sway is a leading dance/gymnastic wear manufacturer based in Lebanon, providing dancers/gymnasts with all their dance needs.

Dancers/Gymnasts can choose from a wide variety of apparel, shoes and accessories.

Sustainability is very important to us. Thus, you can find our products' packaging is made from 100% recycled nylon. We make sure that our atelier's waste is disposed of consciously in an Eco-friendly manner by donating the leftover fabric and samples to local NGOs who support up-cycling and by sorting our waste for recycling. On top of that, we produce reusable shopping bags for our stores! We thrive for sustainable fashion industry.

Our online and physical stores create flexible options for our customers to enjoy their experience whether they are shopping for their class rehearsals, performances, competitions or just simply to add glamour to their social dancing nights and parties at dance festivals.

We created an online store that is designed specifically to make it easy for you to navigate through our products while getting all the information needed to take your final buying decision.

(Our customer service team is available to support you 7 days a week!)

Worldwide delivery is available. (Reach us for shipping cost)

Please contact us for any information.